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About Us

Hi! We are Bryan and Anke: Two car designers and friends who had a simple idea that we decided to see through to production. Here’s how it happened: One day, we were on a cross-country flight. We had just spent four days scouring Manhattan on foot looking for up-and-coming designers and new trends. Exhausted and exhilarated from our adventures, we ordered herb tea for two from the JetBlue steward. When the tea arrived, it was so good and warming that we started to talk about its relaxing effect on us. Anke asked, “Couldn’t we design a product that makes you feel the same way?” A couple napkin sketches later, the “product” designed itself and the big happy ”Tea Bag Lamp” was born.

The funny thing about inspiration is that you never know when it’s going to hit you. And you never know exactly what’s going to trigger that moment of “Eureka!” We think the trick is to be open to the idea that inspiration can come from anywhere. Maybe even from ordinary food items—Why not? You might not be able to consume this supersized treat, but you can still drink in its warmth. Have fun. Be inspired. See where it takes you!

Thanks for coming to tea,

—Bryan and Anke